I wanted to replicate all the accents and flavours of my grandmothers’ homemade lemonade. JAVOUE was designed around the idea of producing a premium product, from its manufacturing to its packaging. Everything is created to satisfy the taste one only finds in naturally good lemonade.

I made the choice to flavour our products to allow the greatest number of individuals to rediscover this delicious gourmet pleasure.[/col]


Similarly, JAVOUE is voluntarily finely carbonated in competition to current sodas, however with no added chemicals, no preservatives and without colouring agent.

Today this revisited lemonade delights the young and old alike with its traditional 20cl swingtop glass bottle, containing a refreshing drink with not only the capacity to quench ones thirst but with total control over sugar content to ensure an exceptionally light lemonade.








        Our Values


Above all we are responsible to our consumers.

A commitment to quality and attention to detail must therefore guide our efforts to meet these expectations. Striving for excellence while measuring ourselves against leading standardswe drive our efforts with persistence. 

Authenticity, Excellence, Quality and Requirement are the four founding pillars of our enterprise

Our Lemonade

Deliciously refreshing and lightly sparkling, JAVOUE organic lemonade is developed in the heart of the Limousin region in France. Created from organic sugar cane and natural flavours without chemicals, added colouring or preservatives, JAVOUE should ideally be consumed between the temperatures of 4 ° and 6 ° degrees and will remind you of all the delicious sensations of a balmy summer afternoon.
Prix épicure

JAVOUE contains all the desire and delivery of a high-end, premium organic product.

JAVOUE  Organic lemonade Natural and exquisite




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